Welcome to the demo page of healthdata.be, where you can access demo versions of the healthdata.be software for data providers and researchers.


for data providers

The HD4DP software is used by the data providers (medical professionals in hospitals, laboratories, individual practices, ...) for data collection. This software is installed locally at the data provider. This demo environment is an online, production-like version and allows you to get familiar with the user interface of the data collection software. You can create registrations and submit these to the HD4RES demo environment. It is also possible to test the CSV upload, but it is not possible to test the automatic CSV upload or API.

You can log into the HD4DP demo environment with username 'guest' and password 'guest'. You can access the different registries that are currently available in production. For more information about the HD4DP software, please have a look at this video.
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for researchers

The HD4RES software is used by the researchers for follow-up of their data collections and for managing the data collection definitions (i.e. the questions of the registry).
The demo environment allows the researchers to get familiar with the user interface of their data collection follow-up software. It is possible to consult registrations that were submitted with the HD4DP demo environment and to request corrections for these registrations.
The log-in details for the HD4RES demo environment are: username 'guest' and password 'guest'.

It is also possible to test the setup of a new registry on the HD4RES demo environment. To be able to do so, click on the HD4RES link below and then click on the 'Request account' link. A dedicated user will then be created for you on this demo environment, allowing you to test the creation of your own registry on the healthdata software. For more information on how to test the creation of a new registry, please consult the following support article.

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